It is our Intent and Purpose:
1) To provide a sanctuary for our unique herd of White Bison.

2) To provide inspirational, hands-on, green-living educational programs for our youth and sustainable environmental education for people in the local community as well as to those from around the world.

3) To establish a place for the Sacred World Peace Church Garden and a place to provide a living and sustainable model for innovative green permaculture and organic gardening. Buildings with renewable energy are to be set up using a diverse mixture of colors, textures, and plants. The most progressive use of site planning and sustainable plantings will be incorporated. The design and space will be established as a sacred site with power spots to reflect and reveal the needs within a visitor’s own heart.

4) To build “an experience” devoted to human advancement. To establish a national program to invite the public and youth to learn from our development and use of cutting edge Green technology and new renewable energy sources.

5) To gather and distribute the most current information and procedures in how to establish harmony with our surroundings through postings to our Facebook page, Sacred White Buffalo. To participate in bringing as much information forward, concerning how to go Green. To establish the true facts behind FDA, scientific, and other reports, concerning green technology.
6) To build a chapel to serve as the centerpiece of the land. It is an intimate outdoor sanctuary, a place to serve as a monument to the spiritual dimension of physical reality and human consciousness.
To create a place to honor all beliefs and faiths in service to the Great Creator by its many names.

7) To teach that believing in peace means striving to discover new ways of living a peaceful life within ourselves.

8) To establish a round-table approach to discussing many diverse spiritual philosophies. To encourage all spiritual leaders to come and share and openly discuss their culture, their beliefs and experiences.

9) To establish a place where the arts and music are honored as a sacred part of life. To establish a music festival and state-of-the-art recording studio where artists and musicians can perform music that relates to our mission of peace as well as a means of distributing this music

10) To establish an arts center where ancient and new art mediums can be practiced and taught to the local community as well as students coming in around the world. Our hope is that the Sacred World Peace Alliance, Sanctuary and Gardens will become a symbol, with different meanings, to people from around the world.  Green technology and new renewable energy sources.